Terms and Conditions

Non-Contentious Business Agreement

Payday and Guarantor Loan Refund Claims

This is your agreement with Clear Legal Marketing in relation to your payday and guarantor loan refund claim.

What we will do for you

  • We will work diligently on your behalf, no matter how straightforward or difficult your claim, from the day we first discuss it with you until your compensation and fees have been paid. This work will be limited to pursuing your claim for all losses suffered by you as a result of the mis-sale of your payday and guarantor loan.
  • If you win your claim, we are entitled to deduct 30% plus VAT from your Compensation, in respect of our legal fees.
  • If you lose your claim, and this agreement has been complied with, you do not have to pay us anything.
  • What you must do for us

  • You must do all you can to help us to progress your claim. You must provide us with honest instructions that enable us to do our work properly and to run your claim efficiently.

And now for the (not so) small print

When you instruct Clear Legal Marketing, we will agree to act for you on a risk-free basis.

If you win your claim:

  • we will only charge you 30% plus VAT from your Compensation in respect of our legal fees, irrespective of the amount of work we have done;
  • we will pay any money we receive on your behalf into a designated account, to make sure that your Compensation is secure;

If you lose your claim:

  • you do not have to pay us anything

For the definitions of “Win”, “Lose”, and “Compensation” please refer to your client care letter that will be sent to you once you have signed and returned this agreement.

What you must do for us

  • You must give us full, honest and timely instructions;
  • You must locate and provide to us any relevant documentation that you may have (if any);
  • You must undertake enquiries and provide information reasonably required by us;
  • You must always co-operate with us;
  • You must not ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way;
  • You must not deliberately mislead us;
  • You must keep us updated if your contact details change.

Ending the agreement

We can end the agreement:

  • if you reject our advice in relation to an offer of settlement, or if you do not comply with your obligations under the agreement – in either case, you would have to pay all of our legal fees on an hourly rate basis plus VAT;
  • if we advise that your claim is unlikely to succeed; and

You can end the agreement:

  • within fourteen days by confirming this to us in writing using the Model Cancellation Form below;
  • at any time before your claim is settled, but if you do you will have to pay all our legal fees incurred at that time on an hourly rate basis plus VAT.

If either we or you end the agreement, we have the right to keep all documents, money and other property we hold on your behalf until all money due to us is paid.

Model Cancellation Form

To Clear Legal Marketing,

I hereby give notice that I cancel the Agreement for Clear Legal Marketing to pursue Payday and guarantor Loan Refund Complaints on my behalf signed on [insert date].





Change of mind

It is important that you are happy with this agreement before you sign it as we cannot cancel it once it has been signed.